Citizen feedback prompts reforms in Bosumtwe District

Some community leaders and members of Esereso inspecting progress of work on the six classroom project in Esereso No.1.


In Bosumtwe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, the District Assembly is initiating reforms to improve upon the planning and implementation of capital projects to address the development needs of citizens in the district.

This is in response to feedback that the district has received so far from citizens following from their monitoring and evaluation of the Assembly’s capital projects. Through the USAID-funded Ghana’s Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) project, the Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), a civil society organization, works with citizens in the Bosumtwe District to use scorecards to monitor and evaluate projects being constructed by the Assembly and to interface with the district authorities to address areas of concern.

Citizens in two of the communities in the district – Esereso and Pipie No.1 – recently rated the District Assembly averagely for its performance in the execution of two classroom projects that were being implemented from the 2015/2016 annual action plans. This was due to delays in the execution of the two projects.

According to the Assistant Development Planning Officer for the Bosumtwe District Assembly, Ebenezer Kwame Amorfa, the Assembly has participated in a number of interface meetings with citizens to discuss the issues emanating from the scorecards and due to its commitment to responsive and accountable governance, it is making efforts to address the concerns raised.

“One of the things that we are working to improve, going forward, is the selection of contractors,” he said, explaining that due to the feedback the Assembly has received regarding the performance of some contractors, more due diligence is to be conducted in the selection of contractors for new projects.

Mr Amorfa said the GSAM project was having a meaningful impact on the district because through the project, the assembly’s monitoring of projects has improved due to the involvement of the citizens and CSOs.

He again mentioned that people are engaging more with the assembly to discuss capital projects and other concerns.

“Now, people walk in to the assembly anytime to put forward their concerns. There is a particular woman who comes often to meet the DCE and put pressure for her concerns to be addressed.