Upper Manya Krobo


Summary of Findings

Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly scored 58 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: The expenditures incurred on the two projects were within the contract sums. Weaknesses: Failure by the Assembly to carry out any project evaluation to assess the achievement of intended benefit.



• The Assembly should adhere to PPA guidelines for notifying members for meetings. This will enable members to prepare adequately for such meetings. • The Assembly Tender committee should put measures in place to ensure that the advertisements for projects are done in accordance with the PPA guidelines. • The Assembly should provide evidence of the basis for evaluating and selecting the lowest bid prices. • The Assembly should put in place measure to ensure that projects are properly monitored and supervised to ensure that projects are executed according to specifications. • The Assembly should ensure that necessary funds are procured in advance before awarding contracts to ensure payment for works done are made within time. • The Assembly should ensure that impact assessment is carried out on completed projects to determine whether objectives have been met and also apply lessons learnt in future projects.
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