Twifo Ati Morkwa


Summary of Findings

Twifo Ati Morkwa District Assembly scored 47 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: TAMDA placed tenders using National Competitive Tendering. The advertisement met the requirement of the PPA (663). Weaknesses: Failure by the Assembly to carry out any project evaluation to assess the achievement of intended benefit.



The Assembly should: follow the prioritisation process during the preparation of the DMTDP to capture all projects that meet the urgent needs of the communities thoroughly update the AAP and the quarterly revised plans to capture projects that the Assembly intends to execute that were not captured during the initial planning stage ensure the Entity Tender Committee and the District Tender Review Board should be diligent in scrutinising reports of the evaluation panel to deter- mine the authenticity of documents attached to tenders for acceptance or rejection ensure that people with the required expertise are selected to form the evaluation panel. ensure the DCD, as the advisor to the DCE should scrutinise all supporting documents attached to contract documents and ensure all the preconditions to contracts have been met before advising the signing of contracts provide the necessary logistics to the DWD to increase the Engineer’s visit to projects sites to supervise the works ensure the DWD keep a site visit book on every project site to record activities of anyone who visits the site surcharge cost of rectifying defects to the Engineer for allowing the use of poor materials that does not meet the specifications in the Contract report on all ongoing projects in the Assembly in the Annual Progress Reports abide by their Annual Action Plan and execute projects according to the plan. Where unplanned projects have to be executed in an emergency, the proper approval should be sought from the General Assembly ensure monitoring team should check and report on all works included in the IPC but not executed for deletion from the payments recover the payment for works not done amounting to GH¢12,760.45 from the contractors failing which the Engineer, Monitoring team and DCD should be surcharged train the Engineer in contract administration focusing on the application of the conditions of contract and the preparation of final account, and ensure the Engineer should draw a program of inspection for the period of the defects liability period and let the contractor finance the cost by in- cluding in the preliminaries section, the obligations of the Contractor during the defects liability period.
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