Summary of Findings

The Tain District Assembly scored 44 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: The two projects were selected from the DA Annual Action Plans. Contract for the projects were also signed by authorised persons. Both projects were completed and in use. Weaknesses: The Audit revealed significant shortfalls such as District Assembly offcials inability to carry out their monitoring role as required and lack of monitoring reports on the project. Contract works were not executed in accordance with contracts specifications, e.g. the use of sub-standard roofing sheets. Payments partially followed the terms spelt out in the contract. The Assembly was able to pay mobilization early but there were significant delays in the payment of other claims. The Works Engineer and the monitoring team did not supervise and monitor works frequently to ensure that projects



The DA should follow the Local Service Secretariat and the NDPC guidelines/manuals for engaging the communities and document the process. TDA should go through the procurement process and make sure the relevant documents are kept on file for future reference. The DA should increase its supervision of works during the construction stage and ensure that materials and workmanship are in accordance with contract specifications. The DA should adhere to laid down procedures in processing and paying contractors and conduct a post project assessment of all projects that are carried out.
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