Shai Osudoku


Summary of Findings

Shai Osudoku Assembly scored 48 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: Projects were budgeted for in accordance with the MoFEP Guidelines.. Weaknesses: Inability by the Assembly to conduct any project evaluation to assess the achievement of intended benefit of the projects and in completion of projects on time.



We recommend that the Assembly awards contracts within planned periods to avoid cost overruns as a result of delays in awarding contracts. We recommend that the Assembly follows the PPA guidelines for inviting, organizing meetings and notifying members of the District Tender Committee for meetings. We recommended the Assembly follows the PPA guidelines by: i. advertising in at least two national dailies with wide national circulation, and ii. ensuring that contractors meet the minimum bid conditions as expressed in the Contract Data and attach such evidence to the respective project files. We recommended to the Assembly to strengthen the Works Department to be able to carry out effective project specific supervision and monitoring. We recommended that the Assembly put measures in place to ensure that funds are available to facilitate timely completion of projects before awarding them on contract. We recommend that the Assembly follows strictly applicable financial laws in paying for works done and also ensure that supporting documentations for any transaction is properly kept for future accountability. We recommended that the Assembly speeds up the completion of the school projects so as to enable the beneficiary communities have improved access to education.
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