Sene West


Summary of Findings

The Sene West District Assembly scored 44 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit finding. Strengths: The Assembly ensured projects selected for implementation are captured in the AAP and the DMTDP Weaknesses: The Assembly’s failure to document Community members involvement in the identification , selection and prioritization of projects for implementation.



SWDA should follow the Local Service Secretariat and the NDPC guidelines/manual for engaging the community and document the process. SWDA should follow the MTEF guidelines in preparing budget estimates. SWDA should increase coverage of advertisement to include one additional local daily newspaper and also publish on PPA website. SWDA should notify tenderers that are unsuccessful and their bid securities returned to them. SWDA should provide the necessary logistics to the monitoring team and the DWD to increase their visits to project sites to supervise and monitor works. SWDA should ensure that the control procedure for the internal auditor to pre-audit is respected to prevent illegitimate payments.
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