North Dayi


Summary of Findings

The North Dayi Assembly scored 53 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: The budget was prepared as stipulated. Weaknesses: The DWD did not have a schedule for tracking or monitoring the progress of projects



NDDA should use the guidelines and templates found in the NDPC guidelines for preparation of MTDPs in engaging the community members, recording the consultation process and reporting on the process. NDDA should ensure that projects which are implemented are as a result of community needs which have been captured and form part of its MTDP document. NDDA should use industry accepted methods (cost per floor area method, approximate quantities method or Contractor’s method ) and reliable cost data on previous completed similar projects, document all the calculations that produced the final estimate, and formally communicate the estimate to the Budget Committee or the DCD. The DCD should see to the preparation and updating of the procurement plan to reflect the actual status of procurement so that deviations are corrected. NDDA should advertise tenders publicly and keep documentation on such adverts as stipulated by the PPA, include drawings in tender documents as required by the PPA manual, notify the Public Procurement Authority and tenderers of all changes to tender submission and opening dates, and seek concurrent approval from the DTRB on contracts it intends to award.
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