Summary of Findings

The Mpohor District Assembly scored 61 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: The two projects implemented were selected from their respective year of implementation Annual Action Plans (AAP). Budgets were prepared in line with the MoFEP composite budget manual. The DA also played their oversight roles in the monitoring and supervision of the projects. Weaknesses: The audit revealed a number of gaps such as lack of documentation of project selection processes, no update of procurement plan, failure to notify unsuccessful contractors, delay in payments, non- adherence to payment procedures, among others.



The Assembly should comply with the NDPC guidelines for engaging the community and document the consultation and reporting process. The ETC should be independent of the Evaluation Panel The Works Engineer should consult user agencies for their input into the design of the project to enable him/her prepare realistic estimate or budget for projects. The DA should adhere to the Financial Memoranda for District Assemblies by submittng all PVs and warrants to the Internal Auditor for pre audit before payments are made.
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