Summary of Findings

The Karaga District Assembly scored 48 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: The Assembly’s major strength is in capital project initiation The Assembly’s major strength is in capital project initiation largely because it involved communities and other stakeholders in identifying and selecting the projects. Weaknesses: The audit revealed gaps in how the Assembly procured and engaged contractors, monitored and supervised the execution of the projects, made payments to the contractors, among others. It also showed delays in the completion of the projects, thus denying communities of the intended benefits.



The Assembly should document its consultations with communities and stakeholders. The assembly should adhere to the tenets of the procurement law in future evaluation exercises. Performance bonds submitted by contractors should be put on file. Bid securities and formal notifications should be sent to all tenderers in all future contracts. The assembly should check the performance of the works department especially with regards to project The district monitoring team should be properly constituted with a clear job description.
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