Summary of Findings

The Kadjebi Assembly scored 46 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: Assembly has a plan which contains projects it intends to execute in its MTDP. The two selected projects were captured in the District Composite Programme of Action (POA) for 2010- 2013 Weaknesses: KADA could not provide the performance bond submitted by the contractors as stated in the award letter



KADA should use the guidelines and templates found in the NDPC guidelines for preparation of MTDPs in engaging the community members, recording the consultation process and reporting on the process. KADA should use industry accepted methods (cost per floor area method, approximate quantities method or Contractor’s method ) and reliable cost data on previous completed similar projects, document all the calculations that produced the final estimate, and formally communicate the estimate to the budget committee or the DCD Persons knowledgeable in the procurement processes should carry out procurement activities, the DCE and DCD should oversee the procurement process and be held responsible for the breaches observed in the procurement process The ETC should appoint officers knowledgeable in procurement procedures to evaluate tenders, and KADA should provide training for the procurement unit and DWD officers in procurement practice and reporting. KADA should ensure that successful tenderers fulfil all conditions before being considered for contract award. The DWD should keep a site instructions book on every project site to record instructions by the Engineers to the contractors, and The Assembly should surcharge cost of rectifying defects to the DW Engineer for allowing the use of poor materials that does not meet the specifications in the Contract. The monitoring team should carry out regular monitoring on projects and not only at the times when IPCs are about to be paid to ensure works are according to specifications, and ensure contractors present their programme of works to the DW Engineer to use as a tool to monitor the con tractor’s work.
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