Gomoa East


Summary of Findings

Gomoa East Assembly scored 39 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: AEEDA placed tenders using National Competitive Tendering. The advertisement met the requirement of the PPA (663). Weaknesses: Failure by the Assembly to carry out any project evaluation to assess the achievement of intended benefit.



Local Service Secretariat in collaboration the NDPC train the technical DPCU members who directly engage with the community to follow the guidelines/manual for engaging the community and use the templates for documenting the process DPCU should list communities in which projects will be constructed when preparing the Annual Action Plans DPCU should capture all projects in the Annual Budget or Supplementary Budgets Procurement Committee should be diligent in preparing Procurement Plans and the quarterly updates to capture only relevant information District Tender Committee should diligently review the Procurement Plans submitted to them by the DPCU before approving it DTC should select people with the required expertise to form the evaluation panel Assembly should periodically provide training for officials who are likely to be selected to carry out evaluation of tenders District Tender Committee should be diligent in reviewing reports of the evaluation panel to assess the reliability of the analysis carried out by the evaluation panel Evaluation Panel should forward Tax Clearance Certificates, Ministry of Water Resources Works and Housing Certificates, SSNIT Clearance Certificates to branch offices of the respective institutions for authentication to ensure fictitious documents are rejected Assembly should secure all securities from contractors before signing construction contracts Assembly sign construction contracts only when contractors provide identifiable and traceable witnesses Engineer places a site instructions book at the site to record all instructions to the contractor when the Engineer is on supervision rounds and should not hesitate to recommend to the Assembly, the termination of the contract when the contractor fails to rectify defects brought to his attention as indicated in Clause 58(e) of the Conditions of Contract Assembly provides training for the Engineer to improve his supervision skills
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