Summary of Findings

Aowin Assembly scored 49 per cent in the overall assessment of its performance, based on the GAS audit findings. Strengths: ADA executed the projects in line with the approved contract sums. Weaknesses: Inability by ADA to fully follow the Public Procurement Act, 2003 Act 663 and the ITT in their Tender document for evaluating tender documents.



ADA should document letters and memos that communicate directives with regards to project selection and implementation Procurement plans should be prepared to include all projects. The plans should be updated quarterly to reflect ongoing projects and the status of procurement so that deviations are corrected. ADA should ensure that the performance bonds or securities submitted by contractors are renewed to remain valid until the end of the defects liability period stated in their contracts, and make sure contract documents are duly signed by authorised parties and witnessed. ADA should reject the works which were not done according to specification and compel the contractor to remove the unspecified works and provide what was specified, and where contractors have not built to specification and yet have been paid, officers responsible for the payment should be surcharged with the cost. The DW Engineers prepare and abide by supervision schedules and visit project locations to ensure contractors abide by specifications in contracts. Management should follow internal controls on public expenditure and officer who flout these controls should be sanctioned. Management should strictly adhere to the FAR (2004) ADA should ensure projects completed projects to the beneficiary community and begin the process of assessing their impact timely.
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