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Ghana's Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms Project

The goal of the project is to strengthen citizen oversight of capital development projects to improve local government transparency, accountability and performance.

Project Planning

GSAM encourages officials of District Assemblies to involve the community in planning any project and briefing them on bidding processes.


Documentation on bidding and procurement must be made available to the community. Project execution timelines must also be outlined.


The community with support from the CSOs are encouraged to monitor the work at the project site and report any problems via SMS messages.

Citizens Perception

Town Hall meetings are occasionally organised for the community to evaluate the progress of project work and whether they are satisfied.


Ghana's Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) is a five-year USAID-funded project seeking to improve accountability, transparency and performance at the local government level by strengthening the Government and citizen's oversight of capital development projects in 100 districts.
CARE International in Ghana, IBIS in Ghana and Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC), who form the GSAM Consortium, are working together with the Ghana Audit Service (GAS), civil society organisations and other local and national level stakeholders to implement the project from 2014 to 2019.
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The 100 GSAM districts across the 10 regions of Ghana are divided into two categories of 50 "AUDIT DISTRICTS" and 50 "SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY DISTRICTS".
USAID supported Ghana Audit Service (GAS) to evaluate how 50 assemblies plan and implement capital development projects. Informing citizens would empower them to demand improved performance from their DAs.
On the 50 Social Accountability districts, the GSAM Consortium is supporting local CSOs and citizens to evaluate the performance of their District Assemblies in the planning and implementation of capital development projects.


GSAM project timeline display over five-years.

First Year

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Audit Component

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Social Accountability

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